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Naturopathic lifestyle approach to chronic illness and allergy

Chronic illness and allergies may come from leaky gut syndrome and is helped with glutamine and slippery elm. Below are some of the specific herbs and nutrients that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties helpful for the health of the digestive tract lining.

The immune system reacts to food allergens when the digestive and absorptive processes in the digestive system are weakened and develop intestinal permeability commonly known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’.

The first step is to rest, repair and nourish the digestive tract lining, restoring the integrity of the microvilli (cells of the gut lining) so they can efficiently absorb our nutrients. This will prevent food particles from slipping in-between the cells and being targeted by the immune system as a foreign body that results in more inflammation and damage to the digestive tract lining.

Identifying and then preventing the causes of intestinal damage is necessary.  Causes can include:

  • stress, anxiety and nervous tension
  • frequent antibiotic use
  • coffee and alcohol
  • poor diet
  • food sensitivity or intolerance

Herbal and Nutritional Treatments quieten the over reactive immune system and strengthen the membranes including those of the digestive system that may be affected by leaky gut syndrome.

• Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and healing properties for damaged tissue, reduces Ig-E production and strengthens digestion because it is a bitter. Others such as calendula and many more herbs have their own unique way of helping restore gut health.

Stress reactions can be soothed  (such as valerian and kava) as well as giving support to adrenal glands (using herbs like liquorice).

Mucus membranes are strengthened and less reactive to inhaled allergens (using nettles) or to food allergens (using agrimony).

Specific nutrients are anti-inflammatory and or anti-histaminic, promoting healthy mucus membranes and cells of the digestive tract lining: – Slippery elm, Aloe Vera juice, Glutamine, Quercetin and Probiotics. These include:

  •    Slippery elm – best as a powder
  •    Aloe vera juice
  •    Glutamine –
  •    Glucosamine
  •    Quercetin, Rutin, Hesperidin – anti-histaminic bioflavonoids for supporting immune regulation.
  •    Probiotics – good bacteria to support normal immune response in the gut, and are also anti-inflammatory.


Discuss this with a Naturopath to get advice about the best products and solutions for healing the gut lining.

Phone or email us and we will discuss the best options for your treatment before you get really unwell. 

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