Going Camping – here are some first aid remedies to take with you

Summer first aid for those going camping – here are some remedies to take with you

Aconite – Ailments from fright both psychological and environmental. Symptoms occur suddenly after exposure to dramatic changes in our physical environment or, after frightening experiences producing nightmares or flashbacks. Symptoms  such as sniffles, croup, earaches and fever can have their cause in excess sun or cold wind, can occur within hours and with the drop in the temperature in the evening.

If you feel like something is “coming on” and feel fatigued, or a baby or child is restless and clingy, and if there is suddenly a runny nose, croup, ear ache or fever, take a several doses of Aconite over an hour or more and repeat if needed.

If Aconite doesn’t help, Belladonna should, especially for throbbing headaches and earaches from excess sun and cold wind.

Arsenicum – Diarrhoea and vomiting. Tummy bugs like salmonella poisoning or gastric flu – it works a trick nearly every time.
Arnica – for bruising and pain from minor injuries to head injuries and strokes.

Pulsatilla – For thick colds and clingy babies and children who are off their food and drink
Apis – again a few doses of Apis in quick succession can greatly relieve stings from wasps and bees.

There are too many homeopathic remedies to list, so come into Bodywise and if we can help we will or refer you to a Homeopath. The above homeopathic remedies are not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis.

HyperCal cream or lotion – to cleanse and promote healing of wounds and the herbs have anti-inflammatory anti-microbial properties.

Viral Ease – many of you will know this great sore throat and immune boosting herbal medicine. So don’t forget to take a bottle with you and take often as directed.

Lastly – Ultra muscle ease with Ultra MuscleEze to cramp, you wont have to suffer.

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