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Best quality fish oils supplements

Only the best quality fish oil supplements at Bodywise Are you taking the best quality fish oils supplements available. Beware the cheap ones are cheap for a reason! This week the media publicised research from Auckland university that have exposed the problems with the lack of regulations around fish oil supplements and the poor quality of the bulk fish …

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Say Goodbye to Acne

There are natural ways to heal your skin that you may not have heard about! A healthy skin’s normal function is to provide a protective barrier, maintain body temperature, keep us from drying out and importantly excrete body wastes. Therefore, it stands to reason, that the following factors can play a major role in the …

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Dry eyes to bright eyes

We love the Dr.Hauschka Eye Contour Balm Dry eyes, inflammation or allergic skin reactions around the eyes are calmed with Dr.Hauschka’s Eye Contour Balm.  Our Bodywise customers have experienced the most enduring relief after 24 -48 hours, using the tinest amounts. Dr.Hauschka is not just about beauty. Our medical herbalists will also find a perfect solution to …

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