Sally Grant

Balance hormones naturally

You can balance hormones naturally Hormones are chemical messengers produced by glands such as your thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas.  The regulation of your hormone production is continuous and if your hormones become even slightly imbalanced it can cause major health issues. The most common side effects of hormone imbalance include: Menstrual problems …

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Dry eyes to bright eyes

We love the Dr.Hauschka Eye Contour Balm Dry eyes, inflammation or allergic skin reactions around the eyes are calmed with Dr.Hauschka’s Eye Contour Balm.  Our Bodywise customers have experienced the most enduring relief after 24 -48 hours, using the tinest amounts. Dr.Hauschka is not just about beauty. Our medical herbalists will also find a perfect solution to …

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Dr Hauschka’s Natural Makeup and Skincare

If it’s Natural Makeup and Skincare that you want then do come to Bodywise and experience our great range of natural but stylish makeup and skincare. You can also book an appointment with our Dr.Hauschka who prepares, pampers and decorates lovely ladies with express facials. While in her care, …………will also massage your head, shoulders and hands and use aromatherapy. If you too would …

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