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Enhanced wellbeing with nutritional supplements:

tick  vitamins & minerals from approved GMP facitlities

tick  superfoods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella and astaxanthan,  blackcurrant and turmeric

tick concentrated colourful foods ie “greens, reds and yellows” beetroot, broccoli, mushrooms etc

tick skin food – oils, creams

are all essential element for optimal health and vitality  raising our nutritional status, while reducing inflammation to help us to achieve peak health and energy.

Nutritional supplements brands we carry include;

The busy lifestyles most of us lead in today’s society mean we need more than food alone for all the nutrients our human bodies require on a daily basis.  Therefore the importance of supplementing our continued wellbeing

Visit Bodywise and talk to our professional staff about the right nutritional supplements for your needs

We stock products in the following categories:

Anxiety and Depression
Animal Health
Bee Products
Brain Health
Bone and Muscle Health
Creams and Ointments
Child Health
Digestive Health
Eye Health
Functional Foods
B Vitamins
Heart and Circulation
Hair, Skin, Nails
Hair Care and Colours
Immune Support
Joint Health
Liquid Herbals
Men’s Health
Make-up, natural and organic
Omega 3, 6, 9 Oils,
Sexual Health
Skin Care
Sleep and Relaxation
Sports and Energy
Super foods – Chia, Hemp, Cacao
Vitamins and Minerals,
Weight Loss, HCG
Women’s Health

Professional Naturopathic Product Ranges

Ethical Nutrients
Nordic Naturals
Thyme Heal