Bodywise natural health & herbal dispensary in Nelson city

Your health is unique and our health treatments will be prescribed uniquely for you

Our professional natural health services and products right here in downtown Nelson.

  • Naturopaths offering health solutions over the counter
  • Herbal Dispensary delivers herbs prescribed uniquely for you
  • Practitioner standard nutritional supplements
  • General retail health products
  • Dr Hauschka skincare and makeup
  • Private naturopathic consultations



Bodywise natural health treatments address:

  • Anxiety, fatigue, depression
  • Asthma & allergies
  • Babies and children’s health
  • Cold feet, varicose veins
  • Cold, flu and vomiting bugs
  • Female fertility, PMS, endometriosis, menopause
  • Glandular fever, Immune deficiency, post viral fatigue
  • Hypertension & high cholesterol
  • Liver, digestive problems & IBS
  • Men’s energy, low mood & fertility
  • Pregnancy care & breast feeding
  • Thyroid and adrenal issues
  • Weight Loss, insulin resistance, diabetes
  • Wound and ulcer healing

Our staff include naturopaths and medical herbalists, an ex-nurse and homeopath.



Create the look you love with our extensive range or organic and natural makeup, skin care and hair colours, including Dr.Hauschka skincare and makeup







Open: Mon – Fri 9.30am to 5.30pm and Sat 9.30am to 1.30pm

  • We will courier your product to you,  asap, so give us a call
  • Talk to our Naturopath Bridget Ph: 03-5468611
  • Email us  with your question
  • Meet all our Bodywise health consultants