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Drop in for honest advice and potent health products from our naturopaths and skin care consultants.

We supply health products and services to treat issues from weight loss to breast feeding, skin issues to natural skin care and makeup, sports injuries to auto-immune problems and much much more...

Our products are chosen for their highly quality and effectiveness in treating all manner of health problems, skin care and makeup.

We are happy to courier to you, so do give us a phone call or email us and we will do our best to send health products to you, asap   contact us  

Ph: 5468611 - Open 6 days per week.

Our staff are registered herbalists, naturopaths, massage therapists and make-up consultants. We have a full herbal dispensary, herbal and nutritional products that come as tablets, liquids and capsules. 

If you need a consultation with any of our practitioners go to our consultants page to meet our health consultants. We look forward to meeting you

Recent Posts and Events

Ladies of Nelson!  Discover the secrets of beauty from the inside out

You are invited to a gorgeous evening to explore the secret to being naturally healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Learn how feeding your skin from the inside and applying natural skincare daily has the power to provide lifelong vitality to your complexion and wellbeing. Then, drawing from our great range of natural make-up, we will demonstrate just how beautifully effective natural make-up will enhance your personal brand of style and beauty.

Your face is not the bathroom floorLook forward to vibrant company, a tasty entre of beauty foods and drinks and beautiful cosmetics.

Date: Friday 28st February, 6 - 8.30pm at Bodywise.

Investment: $10 tickets will confirm your booking and are available at Bodywise. 

Your ticket will automatically place you into a draw for a free facial and makeover.

For all the participants – your $10 will be redeemable on products over the value of $50.

Contact us: Phone 5468611 or email [email protected] to register your interest and to pay.


Has your weight gain got you worried?

Then get well with our "Wellness for Weight Loss " programme

Part 1 - Free viewing of the thought provoking: "Hungry for Change" documentary 
Then stay with us for a brief motivational presentation on how wellness for weight loss is the answer to weight issues.

Part 2 - A brief introduction to the Wellness for Weight Loss programme that naturopath, Mandy Haywood offers. Each attendee will receive an individualised program including a naturopathic consultation to suit their personal health and motivational needs with the aim of reducing health problems and excess weight. Cost for Weight Loss for Wellness program $150

Date & Venue: Wednesday 26th February, Bodywise Natural Health & Beauty Centre
Book now as places are limited and now is the time for action!

Men, enjoy life by doing a WOF on the vehicle you get around in, your body -

read more 

Gifts with purchases for the Bodywise community

Our way to say thank you for your support of Bodywise is via our Bodywise club “$20 thank you vouchers”. As a refresher, if you spend $300 dollars with in twelve months or less on any of our health or beauty products we will email your voucher to you.

How to spot the difference between real and fake natural cosmetics

Look for a logo from an independent organic certifying body. The labels that matter in New Zealand and Australia are: read more


Sleep - how to find more energy and slow down ageing

Get in the habit of ... read on  


    Chronic recurring bladder infections are effectively treated with herbal and nutritional medicine

    The urinary tract is usually resistant to bacterial imbalances because the low pH of urine, the presence of urea and urinary flow all help to retard the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria. However recurring bladder problems are experience by great numbers of women.  read more

    Meet our Bodywise Consultants

    Do you know the variety of natural health practitioners we have available at Bodywise. Discover all 9 our wonderful health consultants Click here 

    Sara Luff for MakeUp and Cosmetic consultations

    Sara prepares, pampers and decorates lovely ladies with express facials and make-up artistry using all 3 of our superb natural make-up brands care of the gentle hands of the lovely Sara Luff, right here at Bodywise.

    If you too would like to experience the touch of nature on your face and then explore the contemporary colours and accents of Dr.Hauschka's make-up then phone Sara 03 546861103 5468611  for a delightful and informative appointment .

    Go to the Dr Hauschka Facial Treats on the beauty page

    Dr Hauschka Facial Treats

    Summer Allergies

    Sensitive or allergic reactions around the eyes are calmed and healed with Dr.Hauschka's Eye Balm. We have seen the most wonderful results after 24 -48 hours, much to the relief of allergy sufferer.  Dr.Hauschka is not just about beauty.

    Our medical herbalists will also find a perfect solution to relieve the symptoms of hayfever












Very hot news!

Mandy Haywood – Naturopath/Medical Herbalist - has come back to Bodywise!

Mandy worked at Bodywise on completion of her studies and went on to open her own Health Clinic in Australia.  She is now back in Nelson and will be running "Wellness for Weight loss" from Bodywise….

Hours: 9.30 - 5.30 Mon-Fri and 9.30 - 1.30 Sat


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Seminar room

Seminar Room

Looking for a Presentation or Meeting Room to RENT

that is:modern, light and private and opens on to a verandah.
Upstairs we have just the room for up to 16 seated with a large table, whiteboard, projector and kitchen facitlities.

 contact us to find out more